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Hey, this game is great! It's like the best Amiga version of the best amstrad/spectrum games, but better! Thank you!

Thank you! Exactly what I was going for:)

Making as sequel BTW!

Nice! Well colour me excited :D

Please release the Linux version soon.

Upped the newest Linux build RC5A49 - the one with all the new item-use animations and new parallax effects.

That is great!


Just wondering if you'll be uploading the Linux version here as well. Already own the game from the Kickstarter but I'd also like to buy it again here so I can play it via the Itch app.


Due to changes to both, GameMaker and Oracle VM software, I can no longer reliably test my games under Linux. I am in process of setting up a real linux box, but it's proving a lot more difficult and time-consuming than I expected. I can, ofcourse, just upload an older Linux build here, but that's not something I like doing.


That's fair, yeah. I can wait.

Thanks for making Linux versions of your games! Really appreciate it.

If you need someone willing to test for you for the time being, I run linux pretty much exclusively.

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Have you tried QEMU ( I think it's much better than VirtualBox on Linux, but I don't have any experience with the unofficial Windows version.


Upped the newest Linux build!

Sweet! I'll purchase from here sometime next month.

Again, thanks for supporting Linux!