About the "floaty" thing...

Hello guys and gals!
With Belle releasing on consoles, the game finally got a bit of the attention from the mainstream audience, and with that began a new wave of complaints about its "floaty" jumps. Personally, I prefer the slower, more controlled jumps, but this seems to be an unpopular opinion. Therefore I have updated the game with, among other things, a new, quicker jump for Belle. Let's hope it's more to everyone's liking.

Here's what's new in RC5A59:

  • Changed player gravity to minimize "floaty" complaints.
  • Changed how double-jump works. Can now be executed at any point of the trajectory.
  • Minor platform tweaks across the map to eliminate close call jumps and just-out-of-reach ledges.
  • Replaced player walk animation with a jog to make it look "faster".
  • Lowered some of the enemy HP early in the game to make them less annoying to take out with Belle's base shot.
  • Added item name popups - the pickup names should be located at index $$371, otherwise default names are used.
  • Made the Turbo mode the game default (thinking of locking the game to Turbo and removing the option in future updates. What do you think?)
  • Fixed up the 30 fps mode, as it's been falling by the wayside.
  • Increased frog sleep timer by one second. Might not be enough.
  • Fixed plant-shooter-platforms to spawn at consistent height.
  • Some changes to Sinclair's portrait and model. Added another state for him during end-game.
  • Fixed a bug with Bitterwarts, where her item collision could become picky.
  • Fixed Skelebro's AI, so he wouldn't jump onto platforms, or flicker when backed into a corner.
  • Added a few new sound effects.

I'd love to hear if the new physics make the game better or worse. You can currently switch to the old jumping physics by pressing I in the debug mode.


Mystik_Belle_Win_RC5A59_NoDRM.zip 16 MB
Oct 17, 2017
Mystik_Belle_Linux_RC5A59_NoDRM.zip 18 MB
Oct 17, 2017

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